Hey Football fans!

Gary at Football Jerseys For DogsMy name is Gary and I created Football Jerseys For Dogs because I am a passionate football fan as well as a beloved dog owner. Football Dog Jerseys, you will find, is the place to find the right football dog jersey for your pet.

I have become a HUGE NFL and College Football fan since I watched my first football game back in 2002! I was on a business trip to Jacksonville and was introduced to NFL by my good friend, Greg when he took me to a game at the EverBank Field Stadium. Wow – what an atmosphere. I was hooked and I’ve been a fan ever since. It seems apt then that I became a Jacksonville Jaguars fan … although I do have another favorite – the Seattle Seahawks.

I am also a little embarrassed to admit this, but I am now the proud and happy owner of not one, but two Toy Poodles. I always imagined myself to be a ‘big dog’ kinda guy but I have to admit, this little one is pretty awesome and the new one as cute as a button. I well and truly understand the term lap-dog 😆

Now it may not be “normal” to dress up a Great Dane but it is pretty normal to dress a Toy Poodle up with a cozy jersey, so I thought, why not dress my dog up in my favorite NFL football team colors – so cute! Our new addition is too small for any kind of jersey at the moment but she will be dressed in the appropriate “opposing” team colors.

Watching the game with my loyal friend and supporter has become a massive fun thing to do. She even gets excited at the TV action.

This brought me to building this website to share my love for football AND my pet dog that I dress up in my favorite football team colors.

Within this site, you will find details on great snacks you can share with your friends and even a few dog treats to keep your loyal supporter happy. You’ll also find a simple guide on how you can get your own Football Jersey For Your Dog!



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