Arizona Cardinals Football Jersey For Dogs

By | September 4, 2017

Preseason is over! The main event is here! Are you ready? As a loyal Arizona Cardinals fan, you simply must have a matching Football Jersey for Dogs. Dress them up and make sure the furry member of your family is decked out in team pride on game day with a fun Arizona Cardinals mesh pet jersey. This comfy jersey will have your pet so excited to be in their Arizona Cardinals Football Jersey for Dogs, they will simply exude Arizona Cardinals pride. Simply put, they will be the cutest Arizona Cardinals fan on the block.

Season Update.

As far as preseason goes, Arizona Cardinals are a little behind the eighth on this one having won 2 and lost 3 but that’s early days and just a warm up. Don’t want to get the opposition too rattled too early, do we? Give them a false sense of security and then, wham!!! Hit them from the side.

The first game of the [regular] season is coming up this Sunday (10th) at 13:00 ET when Cardinals play the Lions.

Player to Watch.

Robert Nkemdiche, defensive tackle is the player to watch this season. Last year saw an entire rookie season slip away. During his rookie season, he only made five appearances (none of those were starts) and only recorded a single tackle.

This preseason has been completely different. In the game against the Cowboys in Canton, Nkemdiche logged a pressure or backfield disruption on almost every one of his snaps against them which seemed to continue in the second preseason game and practice.

Unfortunately, he has a calf strain at the moment which puts him on the shelf, but this former five-star recruit could add a significant bump to a fierce-looking Cardinals defense when he’s healthy and back in the game again.

5 Fun Facts about the Team

  1. The Arizona Cardinals is the oldest pro-football team in continuous existence in the United States. It was founded in 1898 by the Morgan Athletic Club and named the Cardinals because of the color of their jerseys.
  2. The Arizona Cardinals mascot is named “Big Red”,
  3. In 1984, Ottis Anderson became the first Cardinals player to ever gain more than 100 yards rushing and receiving in the same game,
  4. Chris Johnson topped the 100-yard rushing mark twice in his first five games. He did that in his first season in 2015.
  5. Former Cardinals Halfback and Hall-of-Famer Ollie Matson was quite an athlete. In the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland, Matson got a bronze medal for the 400-meter race and a silver medal from the 4×400 meter relay race.

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