NFL Football Dog Jerseys

By | September 4, 2017

With Pre-season behind us now and Regular season about to start, it’s now a matter of urgency to get your NFL Football Dog Jersey for your furry bestie. Dressing your dog in an NFL Football Dog Jersey is such a fun way to get into the swing of things while watching the game. Imagine how vocal the cheering would be at those crucial moments! Imagine your dog BOL (Barking Out Loud) dressed to the 9’s in their NFL Football Dog Jersey – how awesome would that be!!!

Not Just Any Football Dog Jersey Will Do

You really need to look out for an authentic NFL Football Dog Jersey and there are a few places you will find one.

Naturally, there is the official NFL site where you’ll find all the latest news, updates, scores, who’s in and who’s out info and a whole lot more besides.

You’ll also find the NFL Shop though. Feel free to browse their store for football dog jerseys and other pet accessories to match like dog collars, leads, bandanas etc.

Always remember that if you’re not on the official NFL site, and you’re after authentic NFL gear (totally recommended!!), make sure that the store does sell licensed, authentic NFL products. Don’t accept imitations.

What Makes a Great Football Dog Jersey?

First off, check the authenticity of the product. Does the store sell licensed gear?

Check for quality. A little tricky if you’re shopping online, but a close look at the store, reviews and general look and feel of the products and store should be enough.

Does it belong to the ‘cheap football dog jerseys’ category? That is cheap as opposed to ‘cheap and nasty’. Cheap is totally okay … if it looks and feels okay! The last thing you want is for it to fall apart before the end of the first season and worse still, after the first wash.

Physical attributes of a football jersey for your dog are things like: –

  • Is the material ‘breathable’ e.g. a durable mesh fabric that provides ultimate comfort?
  • Does it stretch? A poly-mesh body creates a tailored fit – uber cool!!
  • Is it machine washable?
  • Does it have a printed Team Name, Logo and Numbers to give it that authentic Football Jersey look, and just to finish it off, does it have an NFL shield?
  • Not necessary, but a great feature to have is a woven NFL jock tag, with an area for you to personalize the jersey (add your dog’s name)
  • Does it come in various sizes ranging from X-Small for that tiny dog variety to an XXL for the ‘brute’ variety? To choose the correct size jersey, check out the post, how to fit your football dog jersey.

What About The Store?

Remember when shopping online, you’re not only sending your personal information, but you’re also sending your banking information (credit card details etc.). Please be sure that when you’re shopping, you’re covering your bases! Here are a few tips when shopping online:

  • Is the store a well-known name e.g. Amazon? NFL?
  • Does the store offer any sort of come back – warranty? returns? refunds? exchanges?
  • Does the store have proper, reachable, contactable, contact details?
  • Is there a customer support line or avenue of contact?
  • Does it have a secure payment service?

In summary, when you’re shopping for your NFL Football Dog Jersey, be sure to shop at a legit, well known, secure store that offers authentic, licensed NFL Pet Gear with world class customer service. I recommend either Amazon or the NFL Shop.

Score a touchdown with this authentic PET JERSEY so your entire family is ready for game day!



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