NFL Week 10 – Highs And Lows!

By | November 15, 2017

Last week we were talking about the two teams that had an unblemished scorecard. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that the two teams were unbeaten. It was quite the opposite, both teams hadn’t had a win this season. Read more to find out who they were and how they are faring at the end of this week – still no score or did they end up with at least 1 win on the board!

For one player, in particular, it was bittersweet as their team went on to win their game, he made an amazing touchdown, and yet he was grieving with extremely sad news only hours before the game.

Marquise Goodwin’s Pain Hours Before His Team’s Victory

Well, this week it all changed for one of the teams under what was an extremely tough and emotional game for one player. The San Francisco 49ers won their first game of the season making it nine losses and one win. What was so poignant about this game though was that it was bittersweet for Marquise Goodwin.

San Francisco 49ers receiver, Marquise Goodwin, played what must have been the hardest thing he’s had to do in his football career.

Just hours before the game, he had to watch his premature son slip away. Despite that, Goodwin turned up to help inspire his lowly side to their first win of the NFL season. Not only did he do that but he did it in style when he scored an amazing touchdown when he picked up a great 83-yard pass for the longest play the 49ers have come up with this season. They beat the Giants 31-21 in their game on Sunday.

Marquise Goodwin After His 83-yard Touchdown

It was a touching and emotional occasion as he blew a kiss to the sky, dropped to his knees, and offered up a silent prayer as his team surrounded him.

After the match, he wasn’t available for interview, understandably so, but he did praise his wife as being “courageous and resilient”.

Sincere condolences to Marquise and his wife, Morgan, for their loss. 

Injuries That End A Season For Some

Tyvon Branch, Safety for the Arizona Cardinals, tore his ACL in his game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday. Branch left the game in the first quarter but it means he’ll be out for the rest of the season as he undergoes surgery.

In the same game, Richard Sherman, Corner Back for Seahawks, is out for the rest of the season with a ruptured Achilles Tendon.

A Few NFL Week 10 Highlights

Still, on the losing streak theme, the Browns are yet to win this season and are currently sitting with nine straight losses. The New York Giants aren’t far behind with eight losses and a single win under their belt.

Going the other way, the Philadelphia Eagles are sitting with eight wins and a single loss.

Brilliant 94-yard TouchDown by Robert Woods of Los Angeles Rams but how about Lewis’ 103-yard dash scoring a TD for Patriots. What amazing dash.

Division Top Standings At End Of Week 10

Eagles are sitting pretty with eight wins and just one loss. They are currently sitting at the top of the NFC East and top of the leaderboard overall.

Next, we have four teams with seven wins and two losses. they are New England Patriots (top of AFC East), Pittsburgh Steelers (top of AFC North), Minnesota Vikings (top of NFC North), New Orleans Saints (top of NFC South), and Los Angeles Rams (top of NFC West).

Check out the full NFL standings list here.

Here’s a summary of the Week-10 results.

NFL Week 10 Results

Seattle Seahawks22-16Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers23-16Chicago Bears
Cleveland Browns24-38Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers20-17Indianapolis Colts
San Diego Chargers17-20Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints47-10Buffalo Bills
New York Jets10-15Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Minnesota Vikings38-30Washington Redskins
Cincinnati Bengals20-24Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans07-33Los Angeles Rams
Dallas Cowboys07-27Atlanta Falcons
New York Giants21-31San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots41-16Denver Broncos
Baltimore RavensBYE WEEK-BYE WEEKKansas City Chiefs
Oakland RaidersBYE WEEK-BYE WEEKPhiladelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins-45Carolina Panthers

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