NFL Week 4

By | October 4, 2017

NFL Week 4 kickoff game was between the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers at the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin where the Packers won the game fairly convincingly, 35-14. Always good to win a home game with your loyal supporters at your side.

Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen

Photo courtesy Superior Telegram

Noteworthy is Tarik Cohen. He’s someone to look out for. He has had a good first quarter. A few impressive stats over the first quarter of the season are his 24 catches making him Chicago’s leading receiver. He’s also returned eight punts on special teams and is averaging six yards per carry in rushing. Cohen is definitely someone to watch over the next 12 games. He’s going to be touching that ball a lot!

For the Packers, Dom Capers’ defense has been on fire.

Football Ratings Down – Why?

As a side note, it seems that the NFL Football ratings are down this year. Apparently, the views for the first two weeks of this season are down 11%. Last year 18 million people watched during the same period last year against the 16 million this year.

Monday night games slipped 5% against last year’s views.

Is There Anything To Be Read Into The Stats?

I’m not sure that there is. The pro football games are still the most-watched programs on TV which is not surprising really. You can record and watch another show later but you can’t miss the live football game. Well, you can, but it is less likely to happen than your run-of-the-mill television soapy.

So why are the numbers down? Are the games boring or not as good as previous years? Is the weather a factor with more people opting for the good old-fashioned outdoors while the weather lasts? I love replays especially if I was distracted at the critical moment something happened but sometimes they can be a real pain particularly when the replay is being shown [again!!] and the game is continuing on.

Did the furor of last week’s tweet by the President have something to do the declining ratings? It doesn’t seem so. Generally speaking, the national anthem isn’t even shown when played before a game but of course this week, it wasn’t the case. Last week’s tweet actually made the anthem newsworthy actually increasing the ratings for the week by 4%.

A Few NFL Week 4 Highlights

In the game between the New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the most exciting parts of the game was when Bilal Powell ran a 75-yard touchdown. He comes through the group, trips and almost appears to be down but quickly scrambles up and racing off to finish his run without a Jaguar coming close to stopping him.

In the Titans vs Texans game, Watson was absolutely outstanding. This rookie tied the rookie record with 5 touchdowns. With him under center, the Texans’ offense is very watchable now.

Broncos tight end A.J. Derby 22-yard touchdown one-handed catch

The Best Catch goes to A.J. Derby, the Broncos tight end. His one-handed catch looked like another day in the office for him. So easy!!

Division Top Standings At End Of Week 4.

Coming out of week 3, there were just two teams who were unscathed in their match wins, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons.

This week, Atlanta Falcons buckled under the pressure losing to the Buffalo Bills. A nail-biting match, losing by 6 points but sadly there goes their unblemished score-card.

Kansas City Chiefs against the Washington Redskins, on the other hand, ended with a win for the Chiefs. Well done Chiefs! So one team remains undefeated and are looking really good at this early stage of the competition.

Check out the full NFL standings list here.

Here’s a summary of the Week-4 results.

NFL Week 4 Results

Chicago Bears14-35Green Bay Packers
New Orleans Saints20-00Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans14-57Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars20-23New York Jets
Carolina Panthers33-30New England Patriots
Detroit Lions14-07Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills23-17Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers26-09Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals31-07Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Rams35-30Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles26-24San Diego Chargers
New York Giants23-25Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers15-18Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders10-16Denver Broncos
Indianapolis Colts18-46Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins20-29Kansas City Chiefs

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