NFL Week 6 – Steelers Steal The Match!

By | October 16, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs have had the most awesome offense in the NFL this season, unbeaten record with five wins under their belt and playing at home to a loud, enthusiastic crowd all geared up and ready to enjoy, what should have been, another ‘business as usual’ fun-filled afternoon.

Their opposition, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have had a fairly frustrating start to the season and so, really, they were all kind of, resigned to another ‘business as usual’ loss. Not this time! The Steelers’ superstars decided, no more! We’re going to dominate and dominate they did totally turning the whole game upside down and on its head. Pittsburgh Steelers – 19; Kansas City Chiefs – 13.

Antonio Brown WR for Pittsburgh Steelers Side Stepping Marcus Peters Kansas City Chiefs DB

Antonio Brown WR Pittsburgh Steelers

This game was strange. It’s like the Chiefs playmakers just didn’t play and the Steelers’ playmakers had a whole lot of fun playing and rising to the occasion.This just wasn’t the same Steelers team that had a rather dismal defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars a week ago. After that game, it was like the team was in desperate need of a team pep-talk from the team psychologist. Well, whatever happened between last week and this week, best they keep doing it and long may it continue for the Steelers. Perhaps Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, said it best after the game when he said that his team wasn’t going to spend any time thinking about what went wrong against Jacksonville.

The Chiefs have a bit to think about now. They have to realize that they can’t rest on their laurels and have to stay in the game for the whole season. You don’t win it on the first five.

The Chiefs travel to Oakland for their game against the Oakland Raiders next Thursday. It’s a short week. Can they pull themselves together and regain their winning streak?

The Steelers play Cincinnati Bengals but their advantage is that they’re going into that game on a high. They’re far from being done, yet!

Tom Brady All-Time Wins Leader

Tom Brady of New England Patriots fame has just become more famous after their win against the New York Giants this week. The NFL world celebrated Brady’s historic achievement as he just became the all-time leader for the most career regular-season wins by an NFL quarterback.

With this last win, that makes it his 187th career win for Tom Brady rising above previous holders Payton Manning (186 career wins) and Brett Favre (186 career wins). Factoring in the playoffs, Brady pushes that career victory total up to 212, ahead of Manning with 200 and Favre with 199. As tweeted by New England Patriots

Most regular season wins by a starting QB
Most postseason wins by a starting QB
Most overall wins by a starting QB.

Well done Tom Brady!

A Few NFL Week 6 Highlights

Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers is out with a broken collarbone this week. Will he be out for the rest of the season and what does that mean for the Packers?

Jay Cutler Miami Dolphins QB

Jay Cutler Miami Dolphins QB

The Falcons really blew it this week when they lost their game from a 17-point lead against the Dolphins.

Both the Chargers and the Giants “did it” – they won a game!

Ben McAdoo, playing for the Giants, isn’t calling plays anymore. It’s over to Mike Sullivan now.

Tarik Cohen does it again when he threw a perfect TD pass.

Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers, was flagged for 15 yards for boxing the goalpost after scoring a TD.

Division Top Standings At End Of Week 6

So the Chiefs’ winning streak is over for them having lost their first game to the Steelers this week. They are still top of the leaderboard but it does shake things up a bit. The competition is well and truly underway now.

Check out the full NFL standings list here.

Here’s a summary of the Week-6 results.

NFL Week 6 Results

Philadelphia Eagles28-23Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears27-24Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns17-33Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers10-23Minnesota Vikings
Detroit Lions38-52New Orleans Saints
Miami Dolphins20-17Atlanta Falcons
New England Patriots24-17New York Jets
San Francisco 49ers24-26Washington Redskins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers33-38Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams27-17Jacksonville Jaguars
Pittsburgh Steelers19-13Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers17-16Oakland Raiders
New York Giants10-3Denver Broncos
Seattle SeahawksBYE WEEK-BYE WEEKDallas Cowboys
Buffalo BillsBYE WEEK-BYE WEEKCincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts19-15Tennessee Titans

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