The Results Are In – NFL Week 1

By | September 14, 2017

Well, what an amazing week it was. First, the NFL Football Kickoff game on Thursday with the New England PatriotsKansas City Chiefs upset. This is the most points the Patriots have given up under Belacheck and definitely a wakeup call for everyone. No team should rest on their laurels, or get too confident, and expect to score a win just because they’re the favorite.

It just shows that the competition is wide open and the prized superbowl championship is anyone’s game right now. I mean my fav. team is a perfect example. I was fully expecting Seattle Seahawks to march all the way to victory again the Green Bay Packers in yesterday’s game but sadly it wasn’t to be 🙁  The result – Packers have jumped all the way up to the top of the board at Number 1 in the NFL Power Rankings.

Week 2 is upon us and the first game due to kick off in a few hours, later today. Who’s it to be in this one after last week’s games? The Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars game was a HUGE surprise and upset for them so they have a huge challenge ahead of them this week if they are to redeem themselves. Added to that they’re not playing at home, so it’s never easy without the home advantage.

For me of course, that’s my kind of upset 🙂  Proud of you Jax!

But what about the Seattle Seahawks? Damn! Damn! Damn! Battling until the bitter end, they were just too exhausted to take it all the way.

From being number 2 in the power rankings, they have fallen places to go into Week 2 at number 7. It’s not all bad news though. They’re playing the 49ers at HOME. You know what that means don’t you! Yup – they have the incredible 12th man right there behind them to create another earthquake. Good luck 49ers – you’re going to need it … and some!!!

According to Elliot Harrison, the analyst on his NFL Week 2 game picks, his analysis is pretty much bang on. He reckons that it’ll be a 30-9 win in favor of the Hawks.

Personally, I don’t the 49ers stand much of a chance either, but then I’m biased lol. Let’s see what happens this Sunday.

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What did you think of the Week 1 results? How is your team doing after the results are out? I’d love to hear from you. Please do leave a comment below.

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